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Hi, I am Aman Nagdev. Young racing driver aspiring to bring the Indian flag to the 24 Hours of Leman's podium. I have been racing for three years now and have fought for the Indian National Racing Champion title, with wins and podiums.  When I started my career in motorsports, I remember not being well-informed about the scientific and technical aspects of motor racing. This set me at a disadvantage, and I took a year just learning and understanding the physics behind the car. Every input a driver puts has an impact on the behavior of the car and is crucial to understand. This understanding is what enables a car and a driver to function in harmony. My goal is to make sure no newer drivers faced the difficulties I faced, and have a platform to learn about these concepts, I was never informed about. 

About me:

-> Race winner: JK Trye National Racing Championship - Round 2 🏆

-> Runner up: Meco Meritus Cup - Karting Endurance Race 🥈

-> APSR (Asia Pacific Sim Racing) - Champion 🏆

-> Formula Junior Racing Series - Vice Champion: 22' 🥈

Meet The



  • “I am a casual go-kart driver, however, this website opened my eyes to the technical side of racing which I have never though of. I ended up going 2 seconds faster!"

Dhruvh Goswami.



  • “Race Physics 101 has been an invaluable resource for me as a newcomer to motorsports. The clear and concise explanations of complex concepts have helped me understand the science behind racing and improved my driving performance on the track. I highly recommend this site to anyone looking to take their knowledge of motorsports to the next level.”

Siddhant Singh.



  • “I am an engineer who is passionate about motorsports. I tried racing however I was 2 seconds off the pace, that's when speedscience and Aman's expertise helped me get up to speed.”

Ikshvaku Garg.



  • “As a seasoned racing driver, I've been using SpeedScience for years to stay ahead of the game. The team's deep understanding of the physics of racing and their commitment to delivering actionable insights have helped me find new ways to improve my lap times and push the limits of my car's performance”

Chetan Surinenit.

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